Gulf Coast Sequestration (GCS) will build and operate the country’s premiere geologic sequestration asset, partnering with industrial customers to capture CO₂ and safely contain it underground.

We are developing a regional sequestration “hub” capable of securely storing CO₂ volumes from multiple large industrial customers. We will assist our customers in achieving their goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

GCS is uniquely well-positioned to build the largest carbon sequestration project in the US.

Located in Southwest Louisiana between the Sabine River and Lake Charles, GCS owns both the surface and subsurface rights for a large, contiguous landholding. We are situated within close proximity to one of the nation’s busiest industrial corridors including some of the largest refiners and manufacturers. Our location makes safe transport possible and our well-studied, high-quality pore space is ideally suited to safely carbon storage.

GCS is a forward-thinking company, committed to full compliance with federal and state regulations and to doing right by our community and environment. For generations, the GCS acreage has been home to a working cattle ranch, and we intend to keep it that way. Our project will coexist with the area’s farmland and wetlands. We have begun the process of securing an EPA Class VI UIC permit. At the same time, we are analyzing and identifying other permits and government approvals that will be needed to develop, construct, and operate the sequestration assets.